If only Taos had looked like the picture above instead of the picture to the left.  Someday we’ll return and quite possibly get a chance to take on the legendary hill.


  In 1996, Taos Ski Resort saw a great turnout for The Commitment, including the return of Steve Amante, Terry “Ed’s Boyfriend” Kiely, and the immortal Greg Haupt.  Albeit the ski conditions were so abysmal that tee times were considered in Santa Fe. Jim Beecher must be commended for the excellent accommodations and dinner planning (see the letter), although there are many that swear they saw the judgment hand of God as Beecher put a minivan up on two wheels coming down the mountain.  With a snowfall shortage, the gang made due with longer happy hours, and the weekend was capped off with the scurrilous credit card roulette scam nearly pulled off by John Breen and an alleged “Tiny” Carter.

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